Written after field trips Ruamāhanga Farm to pick and learn about Sunflowers

February 2024

Kahutara School – Years 3 & 4

I was in the deep dark soil and I felt calm still and happy – Harley Rose

I tried as hard as I could and then I burst open and saw the big blue sky and the bright sun, there were thousands of bees and flowers all around me – Indie

Deep in the soil it felt warm and tingly as I began to grow my roots – Evan

I felt amazing as I came out of the soil , I saw golden sunflowers and bright green leaves. It was the best day of my life – Jane

I could feel it was my time to grow. I crept up in the soil and popped out . I looked about and saw my brothers and sisters. I felt joyful and bright – Olivia

In the cold soil I noticed it started to get warmer . The next day I felt big cracks in my shell . I was scared but also curious – Flynn

Martinborough School – Years 5 & 6

I was in complete stillness, then out of nowhere I burst out of the ground and into the glorious colourful world … I was tall as a sky skraper and strong as a mountain – Charlie

I felt cold, colourful and anxious and then I felt a boost in the soil. It was all the other seeds waking up – Tessa

In the deep dark soil I rolled and jumped like a boxing kangaroo – Archie

I felt courage with my new roots and slowly colourful and tall like I was unstoppable – Poppy

I felt one leaf at a time growing, it was shiny and green and a bee landed on on me – Dusty

I was tall and beautiful and I had a lot of silence … Hugo

The raindrops were heavy but made me refreshed and I was sensitive to the bugs that tickled a bit

The sun shines down on me, giving me lightness and comfort. The first leaves start to die as new ones grow. I felt unstoppable, brave and strong. – Adira

It all felt so close and magical … I wondered what it would feel like to have wind rippling through big wide petals … I found out it was nice in the cool breeze – Molly

I felt patient, adventurous and also tiny …I had light, a lot of light and I got leaves and they were enormous and I actually saw the most beautiful view. I saw birds, clouds, bees and I saw heat. When I got old, I started to dry and was ready to make seeds fall and make the cycle again – Adele