We believe that providing relevant opportunities for children and young people to get involved is core to the long term success of the wetland and riparian restoration work on and around Ruamāhanga Farm.

To that end we are committed to working with primary and secondary schools, particularly those local to us and supporting them to develop curious and reflective learners, with an appreciation for the natural world and the confidence to feel they can make a difference.

A field trip to Ruamāhanga Farm is usually followed up with creative literacy sessions back at school. Literacy is combined with a range of arts and communication activities and has been showcased in public settings in both the Wairarapa and London. This aspect of our work lays a useful foundation for follow up structured literacy sessions by classroom teachers.

Some of our tamariki hate writing and then when you put them out there in the bush or beside a river planting trees, suddenly all these beautiful words come from somewhere deep within . Big thanks to Jane and Rod for seeing the possibilities, taking the time to put all the steps together and giving our young people and their words the opportunity to shine – Gina Smith Principal, Te Kura o te Paetūmokai (Featherston School) after a series of planting, painting and leaning into literacy Field Trips with Ruamāhanga Farm Foundation.

Kahutara Year 3 and 4 Writing

Kahutara Year 3 and 4 Writing

This Leaning into Literacy session happened back in the classroom after the third Te Reo o Te Wai field trip. As with all the previous trips we started on the bank above the Ruamāhanga river. This time Kara Kenny from Mountains to Sea, introduced some of the fish,...

Kahutara Year 3 and 4 Haiku

The following Haiku poetry follows the traditional 5,7,5 syllable pattern. It was written after a Te Reo o te Wai field trip visit to Waihinga Bush. The bush remnant is on the Smith Family farm alongside the Ruamāhanga River just south of Martinborough and is a good...

The Journey of a Sunflower

The Journey of a Sunflower

Written after field trips Ruamāhanga Farm to pick and learn about Sunflowers February 2024 Kahutara School - Years 3 & 4 I was in the deep dark soil and I felt calm still and happy - Harley Rose I tried as hard as I could and then I burst open and saw the big blue...

Voices of the Ruamāhanga – Free Fall Writing

Martinborough School Year 6 and 7 As a tiny droplet of water … Jamie - I began falling from the sky as rain with all my brothers and sisters, we were all small and innocent and when I fell to the ground I felt my siblings all coming together making a large beautiful...

Paetūmokai Haiku

Paetūmokai Haiku

Haiku Session – Te Kura o Te Paetūmokai JonahTotara growingClimbing leaves, blowing rustlingIn the gusty windRuamāhangaShimmering in the bright sunRippling and riffling AniwaSoft, wet, muddy, groundStrong and luscious mataiHelping trees to grow HunterMatai...

Tamariki Writing: As I sat still and silent

Children from Te Kura O te Paetūmokai ( Featherston School) were supported by Rod Sugden and Jane Riddiford from Ruamāhanga Mauri Oho to reflect on their experiences of planting an understory beneath the forest giants at Waihinga bush. The children discussed the...