Haiku Session – Te Kura o Te Paetūmokai

Totara growing
Climbing leaves, blowing rustling
In the gusty wind
Shimmering in the bright sun
Rippling and riffling

Soft, wet, muddy, ground
Strong and luscious matai
Helping trees to grow

Matai towering
Bark hammered like a sailing boat
Waves crashing on the sides

Summer welcomes me
Winter daggers in my trunk
Autumn leaves falling

Myra Lee
The dark blue cold sea
The waves splashing down the stream
The moon shines so bright
The dark blue cold sky
Matariki shines so bright
A gust of wind glides

Decian M
Stretching wetland mud
Beautiful stream flows cold
Roots grow in the wetlands

The cold wind blowing
On the trees , birds soft whistling
I felt wonderful

At night, sleep, dreaming
Muddy magical wetland
Beautiful sunshine
Shining sunlight bright in trees
Mud glimmers so bright

I liked planting trees
On the wetland, mud digging
See my work Aratoi

The squishy brown mud
The moon shines bright, owls sleeping
Birds singing at light
Amazing sunshine
Sparkling mysteriously
The Kahikatea


Tall trees rustling
The earth breathing around us
Trees surrounding us

Long rivers swaying
Flooding everything in sight
Creating new paths

The wind breezing past
Softly pushes the matai
Everything is cold

The seed gets planted
The soft dirt suffocating
My sprout will soon rise