Martinborough School Year 6 and 7

As a tiny droplet of water …

Jamie – I began falling from the sky as rain with all my brothers and sisters, we were all small and innocent and when I fell to the ground I felt my siblings all coming together making a large beautiful river. We were all having so much fun as we carved through the mountains nourishing the trees. We protected each other, made each other strong and calm, flowing together like a family. I felt the people fishing for tuna in my waters and loved it. It made me feel important like I have a purpose.

Lena – I started as a tiny droplet of a beautiful river. I watched the tiny bright shining stream go far with beautiful rocks under the clear water.

Marla – I started as a tiny drop of water, I could feel myself growing as a pretty stream. As I made my way down the mountain I was collecting so many things. As I reached the bottom I finally felt free – I decided that my goal was to reach the ocean. I found my brothers and sisters and we connected to form one. The decisions weren’t all mine. As summer was on its way so were the plants and we decided to nourish them with care.

Marnie – As a tiny drop of water I felt scared for my journey but that didn’t stop me, I saw this river and it called me but I didn’t know if it was actually calling me or if I imagined it.

Persia – I was becoming part of the river, it was just like it was in a dream looking after the fish that swam in my waters

Poppy – As I flowed through the mountains collecting water all the small droplets coming together to form a raging river. I am beautiful and shiny with nature and tall trees on either side still growing taller and taller everyday, but there are still small pebbles sitting on the bottom of the water.

Sarah – Now I am a raging rough river that plays a huge part in nature, I am shiny, independent and fresh . I love it when I come out into the open and fall down waterfalls but sometimes I have to be strong with rocks and trees. I feel bright when the sun hits my surface we and it makes rainbows everywhere I look

Sophie – I love growing and being determined, I can get through anything. I am very curious and I give people food and water.